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Sharif University of

Rejaie, Ali

SUTA Chapter / Country of Residence

Northern California/ USA

SUT Entrance Year


Department at SUT

Civil Engineering

Current Field of Industry

Structural Engineering

Short Bio

I attended Sharif University of Technology from 1987 to 1991 in Civil Engineering Department with Structural Engineering emphasis. Upon graduation, I started working in engineering consulting industry in Iran. I attended graduate school in the U.S. at the University of Southern California and completed my M.Sc. in 1997 and PhD in 2001, both in Structural Engineering.

After graduate school, I continued working in consulting and construction industry, mostly focused on projects in Northern California region. Since then I remained in my field to develop new skills and to sharpen existing ones.

For a few years I was actively teaching as an adjunct professor at San Jose State University, Engineering School, mostly graduate level courses in analysis, modeling, and design in the Civil Engineering Department. I continued to be a mentor to younger engineers in our firm and in my own group, while I stayed connected with the academic centers and participated as a presenter to offer some insights to engineering students on the state of practice in our field.

Currently, I am working as a senior engineering manager for a large infrastructure consulting firm that works on major infrastructure planning and design across the nation. I believe involvement in capital projects in the nation, such as High Speed Rail, BART, SFO Expansion, Caltrain, ... has increased my ability to manage a large group, operations, sales, marketing and complex design tasks concurrently. 

Previous Volunteer Experiences

- President of Iranian Graduate Student Association

- Member of the Board of SUTA NorCal Chapter

Statement of Purpose to Join SUTA

To the Respectable SUTA Members,

My years of service either as an officer or a volunteer is a source of pride for me.

The experience exposed me to many life lessons that enhanced my prospects on how to run an unbiased democratic group while remaining productive, efficient, and respectful to the constitution of the association. Furthermore, I learned how to work with my colleagues, different personalities, cultures and ideas about our policies and events and how to conduct them. I learned how I can focus on a large overlap of our ideas and use that to leverage board members and association members energy and passion towards the mission of the association, rather than focusing on small bandwidth of differences which could derail and waste the entire energy of the group.

I admire SUTA and its resilience in remaining active and attractive for all members while trying to expand and bring more members to its core. My plan is to continue on this approach by remaining focused on common interests such as technical advancements, mentorship, reunions, local / chapter activities, supporting students in Iran, connecting professors in the U.S. to those who seek advisors for their research / dissertation in Iran, providing technical support and literature for those with limited access, and the list goes on. SUTA has an enormous capability and many untapped potentials that I plan to leverage if elected. As such, I seek your vote, and in exchange, I give you my commitment to remain focused on SUTA's sacred mission and respect the constitution of this great association.

Intended Volunteer Hours per Week

Less than 2 hrs/ week

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