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Sharif University of

SUTA Sverige www.suta.se 

Establishment date:  Year 2003

Geographical area covered by the chapter: Europe Continent (until other European countries establish their own SUTA chapters similar to Sweden chapter)

Chapter’s Board members, and their roles and responsibilities:

1. President: Niloufar Salehi
2. Secretary and Vice president: Shabnam Homaei

3. Financial Officer/Treasurer:       Keyvan Hadjari
4. Director of Memberships: Hassan Gharibi
5. Director(s) of Events/Gatherings: Sarnia Fazlali and Reza Neshat
6. Communication Officer and Director of Services/Awards: Arsham Mazaheri

Substitute board members: Hossein Fazlollahi

Ata Dabaghi

Chapter’s representative in SUTA All-Chapter: Niloufar Salehi

Chapter’s Contact person: Arsham Mazaheri

Email: board-sweden@suta.se

Phone: +46-700326379

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