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Donation campaign

SUTA, like most other non-profit organizations, can sustain and improve its activities through the generous donations of its members and its benefactors. Since its inception in 2000, SUTA has been blessed by many individuals who consider that members of SUTA can reach the highest goals; people who believe in SUTA and in its mandates and ideals.

Hereby, we would like to invite our appreciated members to consider donating to SUTA. Any amount of donation would be used in strengthening the chapters activities; supporting the Award Programs (Dr. Mojtahedi Innovation Award; Dr. Amin Life-Time Achievement Award; Alumni Award and Alumni Service Award); and to better organize the 2016 Washington D.C. reunion.

This campaign starts in the beginning of May 2016 and runs until the goal of $20,000 is achieved.

Donation goal

Collected: $1,821.00
Goal: $20,000.00
To support SUTA Award programs and SUTA reunion activities.

Thanks for your trust on your association and your dedication to this community!

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