Sharif University of Technology Association (SUTA) 


Candidate: Mohammad Kazem Poozesh

from the Toronto Chapter

Short Bio:

My name is Mohammad Kazem Poozesh. I entered to Sharif University of Technology in 2007 for

computer engineering field. I lived on campus in Tarasht 3 and Shahid

Shorrideh dormitories for 5 years. During my study period there, I was active in a variety of areas

in the university. I was member of Student Council in the department. I was active in the office of

cultural studies, Islamic Students Association. After graduation in 2012 with bachelor of engineering,

I was still engaged in the university through doing works with the department of physics for nearly 1

and half year as a software developer. After that I decided to come to Canada for following my graduate

studies. I did my master of computer science in Memorial University of Newfoundland from 2014 to

2016. Recently, I graduated from there and moved to Toronto. For now I am a freelancer web developer.


If I get elected as a board member of the 9th board, I want to pursue following items:

Engaging Sharif Community with Other Related Associations:

Since there is a misconception among people that Sharifian do not socialize much with other people, I will do my best to prove this wrong through organizing events with other associations that have common grounds with us. This helps members to expand their networks which is helpful for

them in their career and life future.

Organizing more Events:

Since we are outside of Iran and this might cause depression for some people that not seeing

enough people around them, we need to organize more exciting and affordable events for all members

in all over the world. Events like game nights, winter games, picnics and all those major Iranian


Engaging Students with Entrepreneurs and Alumni:

One of the major role that this type of association can play is to help entrepreneurs to find talented

employees and ideas and to help innovators find investors to fund their ideas. If there were this

kind of events before, we will keep them alive and make them better.

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