Sharif University of Technology Association (SUTA) 


Shayan Ghotbi   شایان قطبی

from the Australia Chapter

Short Bio

Places lived

- 2010 – Present: Melbourne, Australia

- Before 2010: Tehran, Iran


- MSc Civil Engineering – Sharif University of Technology; 1999

- BSc Water Engineering – Tehran University; 1996

Volunteer Activities

- 8th SUTA Board member and Director for Local Chapters; Since 2015

- Advisor to Executive Committee for Water Engineering Alumni Association of Tehran University; Since 2016

- Students’ Representative during BSc study

- Co-founder of Water Engineering Student’s Scientific Association in Tehran University - 1994

Professional Background

- 1995 – 2010, Yekom Consulting Engineers, Iran Last position: Business Development Director

- 2010 – 2013, Yarra Valley Water, Australia

- 2013 – 2015, ADS, Australia

- Since 2015, Business Development Manager, Assetic, Australia

بیوگرافی خلاصه

محل زندگی

- از 1389: ملبورن استرالیا

- قبل از 1389: تهران


- کارشناسی ارشد عمران - دانشگاه صنعتی شریف؛ 1377

- کارشناسی مهندسی آب - دانشگاه تهران؛ 1375

فعالیتهای افتخاری

- عضو هیئت مدیره هشتم سوتا و مسئول شاخه های محلی؛ از 1393 تا کنون

- مشاور هیئت اجرایی کانون دانش آموختگان مهندسی آب دانشگاه تهران؛ از 1395 

- نماینده دانشجویان در دوره کارشناسی

- عضو گروه موسسین انجمن علمی دانشجویان مهندسی آب دانشگاه تهران (1374)

سوابق حرفه ای

- 1374 تا 1389، مهندسین مشاور یکم؛ آخرین سمت: مدیر توسعه بازرگانی

- 1389 تا 1392، Yarra Valley Water، ملبورن، استرالیا

- 1392 تا 1394، ADS،  ملبورن، استرالیا

- از 1394، Assetic،  ملبورن، استرالیا - مدیر توسعه بازرگانی



Below are the priorities I would like to pursue via the 9th Board should I get elected:

1. Strengthening SUTA’s internal governance (accountability, transparency and systems)

2. Improving SUTA’s communication channels – social media and website

3. Revisiting SUTA’s value proposition at the central level and in particular the feasibility of holding global reunions. Bi-annual reunions consumes bulk of SUTA board’s energy while the inadequate response from the members proves the need for a change in the direction. SUTA needs to revisit its value proposition to be able to attract more members specifically those residing out of Iran. Currently SUTA active members constitute less than %1 of Sharif alumni. I see this and other recent trends as a risk to SUTA’s continuity.

4. Supporting local chapters as the forefront of SUTA who can deliver the most value to the members

I believe the board members can minimize their involvement in SUTA’s operation by encouraging volunteer members so they can focus on the above.

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