Let other members and reunion participants know that you will be in Milan!

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  • July 01, 2014 01:06
    Message # 3035621
    Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)

    In this forum, we like to let people know that we are planning to attend the 2014 reunion in Milan.

    We would like to invite all participants to let others know about their intention to attend, by writing a few lines. 

    I start here, by letting my friends know that I plan to be there from Thursday July 30th to Tuesday August 4th. 

    My SUT info: EE graduate (1984-89)

  • July 02, 2014 23:14
    Reply # 3036944 on 3035621
    Deleted user

    Thank you Dr. Zahir and all of the hard-working members who are involved in making these programs. I know from experience that is not easy.

    Let me be the second who breaks the ice; 

    I will arrive Milan on July-27, but planning to drive to Nice first, then go to Venice with SUTA gang, and leave on Aug-4. (no Rome tour for me)

    I belong to the Class who was Crushed, and took 8+ years to graduate.

    Hopefully we can find some voroodi  55 and 54 in this reunion and take some pictures together.

    I am the middle one in this Pic, and still look the same (sure !):

    M. Hedayat; PhD., PE., MBB.

  • July 03, 2014 13:56
    Reply # 3037410 on 3035621

    Dear Friends

    Hope everything is going well

    My flight to Milan will be on Aug 1st. I participate in Rome tour (Aug 4-6th) but unfortunately I won't in Venice tour. I have free time for Aug 7th. I should plan for that

    Have a nice time


    Mechanic 67

  • July 05, 2014 02:00
    Reply # 3038165 on 3035621

    Hi, I will attend Reunion from Iran(Qazvin). I hope to see more member there.

    I try to find others from Iran to more coordination for  Ticket and Hotels and Tours, .....


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  • July 06, 2014 01:40
    Reply # 3038521 on 3035621

    My flight will be on 29 July to Vince then I will come to Milan by train in 1 August .
    I am happy that I will be in Rome tour of suat.
    Hope to meet all of you and enjoy the trip and the reunion.

    Material Eng. BSc and
    from  2013-...  PhD Student
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  • July 06, 2014 08:07
    Reply # 3038572 on 3035621
    Deleted user

    Hi dear members 

    We have a viber group with name of "Reunion 2014;Milan" please join to it for coordinate our programes with each other .


  • July 06, 2014 08:09
    Reply # 3038573 on 3035621
    Deleted user

    My trip start from 29 Jul till 11 Aug. 

  • July 06, 2014 13:09
    Reply # 3038645 on 3035621

    Hello Friends,

    I will arrive Milan on Wednesday July 30th and will participate in Venice tour before the reunion. I will fly back to the US on Tuesday Aug 5th. Hope to see many friends and make many more.



    EE 1363

  • July 06, 2014 14:17
    Reply # 3038653 on 3035621
    Deleted user

    I will be in Milano on Thursday and will go back on Monday 4th. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. 

    I studied Chem. Eng. and graduated from BSc in 2003. 

  • July 07, 2014 01:47
    Reply # 3039027 on 3035621

    یه سوال...کسی برنامه سفر به فلورانس داره؟ آیا میشه زمان سفر به رم با تور سوتا یه سری هم به فلورانس بریم؟


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