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Call for nomination

October 17, 2014 23:04 | Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)
The mandate of the 7th Board of Directors of SUTA is soon going to end and we are planning to have the 2014 elections in December. We would like to invite our members first to make sure that their memberships are in good standing, and that they have paid their memberships dues. Only members whose membership dues are paid and their status is active on December 1st 2014 will be called to vote. Also please note that only regular and student members have the right to vote and to be nominated in the elections (potential members, associate members and honorary members would not be called to vote)*.

The call for nomination is officially open as of today, and members who would like to nominatethemselves, are asked to send a message to elections2014@suta.org, stating their willingness tonominate themselves, as well as a short bio, a statement of what they consider doing for SUTA, if elected, and a photo to be included on the website, and mass messages. This email is the alias of the SUTAElections 2014 Supervisory Committee which consists of:

  1. Ms. Mahshid Agir
  2. Dr. Fariba Aria
  3. Dr. Elaheh Enssani
  4. Dr. Shahryar Makarechi
  5. Mr. Farrokh Malihi
  6. Dr. Zahed Sheikholeslami

We will close the nomination process by the end of November and will run the elections in December. The results of the elections will be announced by the end of December and in January 2015 the new Board would be formed.

Best regards
SUTA Elections 2014 Supervisory Committee
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