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SUTA Supports Student Project Awards at SUT

July 16, 2011 18:52 | Deleted user

Over 100 undergraduate students of Electrical Engineering department completed their senior year project this year. These projects were reviewed by faculty members and top projects were selected and recognized during an award ceremony organized by EE department. SUTA was pleased to participate in this program and provide funding for awards of the top 3 projects.  Dr. Vakilian and Dr. Fardmanesh organized the award ceremony which was held at Kahroba conference room in July.  Top awards were presented as the following:

1st place: "Design of an imaging system for processing medical images" -- Hojat Mousavi & Dr. Khalaj

2nd place: "Design of a decoding process for COMA synchronous systems" --  Puya Ehsaani, Omid Mashayekhi & Dr. Marvasti

3rd place: "Design of a self motion system for modular robots" -- Salman Faraji & Dr. Bagheri

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