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Supporting SUTA – An investment with global impact on Sharif University

July 26, 2011 18:30 | Deleted user

Supporting SUTA – An investment with global impact on Sharif University

July 24, 2011

Dear Friends,

As someone associated with Sharif University of Technology (SUT) you likely share my pride and enthusiasm for the time we spent at SUT.  Life at Sharif University is a unique experience, one where many of us likely spent most of our hours studying, doing research, teaching, participating in sports activities, and socializing together with other members of the SUT community. Our time was unique to us and very often unique to the department within which we were teaching or studying.

I know that my education at Sharif University was an important factor for my personal and professional success.  It is my hope that continuing generations of students at Sharif University will have an equally positive or even greater experience than my own.  That is why I spend a significant part of my time each year working with my friends on different projects of SUTA and contribute to funding of these projects.

Over the past 11 years Sharif University of Technology Association (SUTA) has come a long way to become a global organization to connect all those associated with Sharif University to each other and to the University. Our reunions have become a popular forum to bring together faculty, alumni, and students from different parts of the globe to renew old friendships and begin new ones, share their personal and professional experience, and remember the unique time they spent at Sharif University.  SUTA chapters all over the world including the chapters in California, Toronto, Vancouver, Dubai and others are active and have become a home for social and professional events bringing together local alumni and friends. SUTA has become a strong voice to protect the rights of Iranian scientists and scholars. Our award programs including Dr. Amin Lifetime Achievement Award, and Dr. Mojtahedi Innovation Award have provided a means for recognition of outstanding achievements of faculty and students in research, and service to Sharif University.  This year we plan to add another award; Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize a Sharif University alumnus with notable professional achievement and service to the community.

Successful implementation of the above projects requires active involvement, and contribution from all of us.  Support from members like you allows SUTA to continue pursuing projects that are truly important to our members and to Sharif University.  As a first step you can renew your membership, and encourage your friends to join SUTA.  If you are interested to work with SUTA committees managing these projects, or wish to be involved in local chapters activity, please contact us at suta.bod@gmail.com .

Please join me in making a gift to SUTA this year. Your gift of any amount provides resources we need to continue making an impact on the Sharif University community.  Please make your gift by visiting our website www.suta.org, and send your gift online via Paypal system or using the account number provided in our website.


Farrokh Malihi, EE'75
President, Sharif University of Technology Association (SUTA)

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