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Candidates for 10th Board Election Announced

April 21, 2019 00:47 | Shayan Ghotbi (Administrator)

Dear SUTA members, following our call for nomination for SUTA 10th Board of Directors election, this is to announce that we have received a total of Eight (8) nominations. 

With great appreciation to these members, the names of candidates in an alphabetic order are as follows:

  1. Dr. Dariush Alipour, Sweden
  2. Dr. Siamak Aram, Washington DC
  3. Ms. Shiva Davoodpour, Washington DC
  4. Dr. Farzad Khomamizadeh, Toronto
  5. Dr. Shariar Makarechi, Washington DC
  6. Mr. Farrokh Malihi, Washington DC
  7. Mr. Mohammad Reza Moatamed, Iran
  8. Ms. Farzin Radkani, Australia

Each candidate has been provided a dedicated webpage to provide their biography and statement of purpose. You can access to candidates web pages via election faq page.

Moreover, we have provided a discussion forum where you can communicate with the candidates, and they can share their ideas with you.

Please note that, in order to vote, it is necessary that the participants keep their membership status active and up to date. Only fully paid and Active Regular and Student members will be eligible to vote. According to SUTA Bylaws, potential future members, associate members and honorary members would not be eligible to vote or become a nominee.

Table below summarizes the timeline for SUTA Board election. We will soon provide the means to cast your votes for up to seven (7) candidates.

Please send an email to the Supervisory Committee at election2019@suta.org, if you have any question or comment. 



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