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Sharif University of

SUTA Michigan chapter

Michigan SUTA chapter has been established since 2002 and is affiliated with Sharif University of Technology Association (SUTA)


  • To enhance social and business networking among all SUTA chapters.
  • To facilitate communication between job seeking members and employers.
  • To provide opportunity for our junior community members to benefit form the experiences and long term vision/wisdom of senior members.

Administration Members

        Revive the Chapter


  • Chairperson: Dr. Bahram Khalighj
  • Co-chairperson: Shahrzad Naraghi
  • Treasurer: Dr. Saed Ehsani

2002 - 2006

  • Chairperson: Dr. Hossein Nivi
  • Co-chairperson & Treasurer: Dr. Saed Ehsani
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