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Sharif University of

Candidate: Dariush Alipour

from Sweden Chapter

Short Autobiography

B. Sc. in material science and engineering 1998, SUT.

PhD in corrosion 2015, KTH.

Work as material & corrosion specialist.

Auditor in SUTA Sweden.

Financial director in a community association (nonprofits).

Event manager in a preschool cooperative (nonprofits).

Have a son and the most beautiful partner.

Statement of Purpose

First I should say it is my honor to be a part this respectful association. I would like to help as much as I can. Although during the upcoming year (1398) can find very little time to do my duties as SUTA and the members deserve.

Experiencing 4 years in SUTA Sweden board (half period as events director and the second half as president) has given me some ideas which hopefully can expand the network. Extracurricular activities in other nonprofits have also widened my insights.

The transparency comes first. I have realized that the communication between the members and the board is lost. There is a need for a procedure (or even bylaws). Financial transparency is ofcourse the main focus.

All SUTA members are proud of the association, as far as I know. But how the SUTA can support the members? there can be regulations.

Helping newcomers can make the SUTA more interesting. this can happen by career events, language education (more in non-English speaking countries) and so on.

Finally I can see a huge potential to have the strongest network all over the world, we can make it. 

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