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SUTA Election 2023

SUTA Election Board: Announcement #1

Dear SUTA Members,

We are delighted to inform you that the Twelfth SUTA Election Board (EB) has been initiated, and we would like to express our appreciation to the SUTA Board of Directors for their trust in us.

As specified in the SUTA bylaws, the Election Board is dedicated to ensuring a fair and transparent election process. Our objective is to provide all voters and candidates with confidence in the election outcome. To achieve this, we will follow these principles:

  • The Election Board will act independently and establish dedicated communication channels to interact with members and receive their input.

  • The Election Board will make decisions by reaching a consensus, incorporating the diverse perspectives of SUTA members.

  • The Election Board's announcements and decisions will be communicated to members through official channels, such as email, and will bear the signature of the Election Board. However, this does not limit individual Election Board members from expressing their personal opinions in SUTA social groups.

    We respectfully request the assistance of all SUTA members in making this election as fair and transparent as possible by providing their suggestions.

    Thank you,

    SUTA Elections Board 2023

Sharif University of Technology Association PO Box 7054, Ellicott City, Maryland 21042, USA www.suta.org

Upcoming Deadline: 👁‍🗨



Call for nominations

March 9

SUTA membership deadline for candidates

April 6

Deadline for nomination

April 8

Announcement of candidates

April 9

Campaign and debate

April 9-April 23

SUTA membership deadline for members (to vote)

April 16

Voting period

April 23-30

Announcement of election results

April 30

Start date for new board

May 7

Call for nomination

According to the Bylaws, regular members [in good standing] could nominate themselves or can be nominated by others. However, if nominated by others the nominee should accept and confirm its acceptance by email. No nomination will be accepted after the nomination closing date (March 25th 2023).

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