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Election 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different classes of membership in SUTA, and which class is eligible to run for the BOD election?

There are three classes of membership in SUTA: "Regular Member", "Affiliate Member", and "Honorary Member". Only regular members are eligible to run for election. A regular member is a graduate of SUT, or a past or present academic or administrative staff member of SUT who has paid their membership fee and accepted the charter of the SUTA association.

How can members pay their membership fee?

Members can pay their membership fee directly online, with the exception of those who are members of chapters (currently Sweden and Germany), as well as members from Iran. For more information, please refer to item 6 of SUTA Board 11 MOM, dated July 10, 2022 which can be found here

Who is eligible to vote in the SUTA 2023 BOD election?

A regular member of SUTA who has paid their membership fee and is in good standing by May 4, 2023, can vote in the SUTA 2023 BOD election.

Who is eligible to be nominated for the SUTA 2023 BOD election?

A regular member of SUTA who has paid their membership fee and is in good standing by April 16, 2023, can be nominated.

Are there any concerns regarding Iran members in light of the US sanctions against Iran? Will these sanctions affect the membership and nomination process for SUTA members residing in Iran?

SUTA has no financial relations with its members in Iran. We will continue the membership and nomination process as customary for our members residing in Iran. However, for potential BOD candidates from Iran, please be aware of the decision made by the SUTA 11th BOD on April 4, 2021, based on a letter from SUTA's retained attorney. The decision states that “…a SUTA board member living in Iran cannot participate in any voting; however, they can express their opinion and have it documented in the meeting's transcription.” Please refer to item 2 of SUTA BOD MOM, dated April 4, 2021, which can be found here

How is the geographic composition of the BOD defined?

SUTA membership is grouped into the following geographical territories: USA, Canada, Europe, Iran, and ROW (Rest of the World). The following rules will apply to the membership on the Board of Directors of SUTA: Only three candidates from a single region will be admitted on the Board if there are candidates from other regions who have received at least 10% of the votes.

What is the composition of the SUTa Election Board for 2023?

The Election Board (EB) is composed of Abbas Ameri, Reza Neshat (Sweden Chapter), and Kamyar Gordnian.

How is the nomination process for SUTA's BOD election conducted?

According to the Bylaws, regular members [in good standing] can nominate themselves or be nominated by others. However, if nominated by someone else, the nominee must accept and confirm their acceptance by email. No nominations will be accepted after the nomination closing date (April 18th, 2023).

What is the duration of the 2023 Election process?

The Election 2023 process is commencing March 9th, and will end on May 19th 2023.

I have questions about the election process. Who should I contact?

If you have any questions regarding the election process, please feel free to contact the Election Board by sending an email to sutaelection2023@gmail.com.

Where and when will the election results be announced?

The Election Board will announce the election results on May 19th, 2023, and post them on the SUTA website. Candidates will have the opportunity to verify the election results.

How many candidates we can vote for?

Each member can vote for as many as 7 candidates.

What is the length of the term for the elected members of the SUTA board?

Each director shall hold office for two years and until their successor is elected and qualifies. No board member shall serve as a director for more than two consecutive terms.

What is the timetable of the election 2023 and important deadlines?

Call for nominations:   March 9

SUTA membership deadline for candidates: April 16

Deadline for nomination: April 18

Announcement of candidates: April 20 

Campaign: April 20 - May 11

Debate Session: May 7

SUTA membership deadline for members (to vote): May 4

Voting period: May 11-18

Announcement of election results: May 19

Start date for new board: May 24

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