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Sharif University of

Azadi Borujeni, bijan

SUTA Chapter / Country of Residence

Toronto/ Canada

SUT Entrance Year


Department at SUT

Mechanical Eng.

Current Field of Industry


Short Bio

Completed my B.Sc. (2001) and M.Sc. (2003) in Mechanical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, I then immigrated to Canada to start my Ph.D. at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver. I then moved to Toronto in 2008 to start my career in nuclear industry with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL). I am currently a Senior Technical Officer with Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Ontario, Canada.

Previous Volunteer Experiences

- Helped organizing various events for SUTA-Vancouver Chapter (2005-2008)

- Served as the moderator of the UBC Persian Group, Vancouver (2005-2008)

- Organized many cultural events for Iranian students in The University of British Columbia (2004-2008)

Statement of Purpose to Join SUTA

I am hoping to contribute to the strength of our Association by bringing professionalism, teamwork and respect to the table if I am trusted to be part of the next SUTA BoD. SUTA was founded by a number of dedicated individuals who nurtured the Association during its infancy and then helped to keep it thriving. I think it is now up to us to carry the torch and help grow SUTA's membership base to match the true reputation of the Sharif University both in number and diversity. I am a strong believer in utilizing the experience and knowledge of our forefathers who founded and contributed to the SUTA's past successes. Yet I am all for diversity and inclusion of all younger alumni who are passionate about bringing novel ideas and improving the current processes. SUTA is indeed our home and we need contribution of everyone within the entire spectrum of Sharif University family if we want to have a strong and thriving Association. I am coming from an industry background in which professionalism, procedure adherence and transparency are key and I hope I can utilize such skills to help SUTA's BoD further its goals.

Intended Volunteer Hours per Week

2-5 hrs/ week

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