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Sharif University of

SUTA's brief history

Sharif University of Technology Association (SUTA) is the association of Sharif University of Technology Alumni, current and former faculty members and staff, and current students. It has been created after a few rounds of consultation and collaboration of the alumni and former faculty members of Sharif University of Technology, in 2000. In the 2000 Reunion attendants decided to create the association and nominated a committee to write the mission, vision and the bylaw of the association. In the 2002 reunion the attendants adopted the bylaw and elected the first official board of directors. 
SUTA is registered as a non-for-profit organization in the state of California, in the USA. 

Board of Directors

According to the Charter of SUTA, it is run by an elected Board of Directors; the elections are hold every other year among the members. The serving BoD members since its inception in 2000 have been as shown in the following table (the list for the first two boards is not complete):

 Year  President  Vice President
 Treasurer  Secretary  Director  Director Director
2000-2002 Dr. Fredun Hojabri Dr. Jalil Kamali Dr. Fariba Aria Dr. Ladan Behnia Shariar Makarechi
2002-2004 Dr. Fredun Hojabri  - Dr. Fariba Aria Dr. Zahed Sheikh-ol-eslami Mr. Manoher Misaghi
Dr. Alinaghi Mashayekhi Ms. Firoozeh Abbasian
2004-2006 Dr. Zahed Sheikh-ol-eslami Dr. Fredun Hojabri Dr. Farzan Fallah Ms. Neda Salehirad Mr. Anousheh Hadzaad Dr. Faranak Ghahremanpour
2006-2008 Dr. Fariba Aria Mr. Hanri Masoompour Ms. Mahshid Agir Ms. Neda Salehirad Mr. Anousheh Hadzaad Dr. Faranak Ghahremanpour Dr. Shahriar Makarechi
2008-2010 Dr. Jalil Kamali Dr. Shahriar Makarechi Ms. Mahshid Agir Ms. Farzin Radkani Mr. Farrokh Malihi Ms. Forouzandeh Tabibi Ms. Mitra Tayareh
2010-2012 Mr. Farrokh Malihi Mr. Ramin Behzadi Ms. Negin Sadr Dr. Bahram Zahir Mr. Behnam Kamrani Ms. Nastaran Zamani Dr. Jalil Kamali
2012- 2014 Dr. Bahram Zahir Ms. Elaheh Izadi Ms. Negin Sadr Dr. Vahid Arbab Dr. Hamid Mostaghaci Ms. Nahid Tousi Dr. Masoud Olfat
2014- 2016  Dr. Masoud Olfat Mr. Davoud Navaian Sepehr Hamzelou Dr. Shariar Makarechi  Bahar Abghari Nastaran Zamani  Reza Kianmehr 
2016- 2017  Dr. Soheila Kamal  Mr. Shayan Ghotbi Dr. Siamak Aram  Dr. Ali Rasekh   Parastoo Jabbari  Dr. Hosein Akhavan    Mrs. Farzin Radkani 
2017- 2018 Mr. Shayan Ghotbi     Dr. Siamak Aram Dr. Siamak Aram Dr. Ali Rasekh   Parastoo Jabbari Dr. Hosein Akhavan Mrs. Farzin Radkani 
2018-2020    Mr. Farrokh Malihi Dr. Farzad Khomami  Mrs. Shiv. Davoodpour Dr. Shariar Makarechi  Dr. Dariush Alipour    Dr. Siamak    Aram      Mohammad Reza Motamed  
 2020-2022Dr. Mehrdad Sarfaraz Ms. Niloufar Salehi Ms. Sepideh Soheilpour

 Mr. Hassan Gharibi (Resigned)

Ms. Niloufar Salehi

 Ms. Mojgan EeliounDr. Yaser Kerachian 

Dr. Arsham Mazaheri  (Resigned)

Dr. Bijan Azadi

Global Reunions

SUTA has had a general meeting biannually, as shown in the following table and map:

Reunion Year City Country
1st  2000  San Diego
 2nd  2002  Toronto  Canada
 3rd  2004  Heidelberg  Germany
 4th  2006  Santa Clara  USA
 5th  2008  Vancouver  Canada
 6th  2010  Gutenberg  Sweden
 7th  2012  Ottawa  Canada
  8th   2014 Milan  Italy 
 9th 2016  Washington DC  Washington DC
10th2018  GlobalGlobal
 12th 2022Online  Zoom

SUTA's impact on canceling the scientific embargo of Iranian academicians

SUTA has helped convincing IEEE and some other scientific and professional societies to retract from their policies to put Iranian scholars under embargo, and for instance not accepting papers from Iran. This effort, with the strong support of Dr. Freidun Hojabri succeeded to persuade those societies that science could not and should not follow the political games.


In 2010, SUTA’s Board of Directors launched two award programs, namely SUTA’s Dr. Mojtahedi’s Innovation Award and SUTA's Dr. Amin's Lifetime Achievement Award. This was followed by adding three new awards in 2012. For details on the awards history, please refer to the awards section on this site.

The 2006 incident in California

In 2006 the general meeting has been held in Santa Clara, California. Many alumni joined together from all around the world. Among them there has been also many coming from Iran. Although these people had obtained US visas to come to the reunion, few days prior to the event, the US administration canceled their visas without giving them appropriate notice. As a result, many of them have been denied the entry at the airports when they arrived into the American soil and many had spent a night in jail before they could fly back to their country. SUTA's board of directors and legal counselors tried to obtain some explanation for this behavior of the US administration and perhaps an apology with little, if any success.
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