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Mentorship PROGRAM

Become a Mentor

Fill out this simple form and tell us about yourself, and what advice you can offer. Whenever a mentee contacts us that matches you, we will let you know. If you are available, and approve, we connect you with the mentee. You will communicate with the mentee on a schedule that fits both you and the mentee!

Become a Mentee

Fill out this simple form and tell us about yourself and what you need. We match and connect you with a mentor. You will communicate with the mentor, on a schedule that fits both you and the mentor!


For both Mentors and Mentees

What is the format and structure of this mentorship program?

    • We have recently started this program, and would like to give it more time before we finalize the structure. So, at this point, it is a very flexible program, where our role is to connect the mentors and the mentees, and let them decide on the format of the mentorship.
How often and how many times should the mentor and mentee meet?
    • At least once, and that should happen shortly after we connect the mentor with the mentee. Whether the mentor and the mentee need to meet regularly or not, is up to them. We hope that if regular meetings are useful for the mentee, the mentor would make him/herself available.
We are not a good match to each other. What should we do?
    • Please let us know, and we try to assign another mentor to the mentee.
For how long should a mentorship take?
    • Again, up to the mentor and mentee. Once you think enough mentorship has been provided, it would be a good idea that you conclude, and let us know so that we can assign other mentees to the mentor. We would also send both of you a survey to review the program, and learn how we can improve it.
I am looking for a research/business partner, not a mentor. Would you be able to help?
    • We will do our best! Please apply as a mentee and explain your request.

For Mentors

How many mentees do I get?
    • It is totally up to you. We try to distribute the mentees among all the mentors, so each mentor does not get too many mentees (for now, at most two). If at anytime, you think you cannot take more mentees, or you would like to actually get more, please let us know. 
I thought I would have enough time to mentor, but something has happend and I am no longer available. What should I do?
    • We understand. Please let us know, and if you have an existing mentee, we try to assign another mentor to him/her.
Do I need to be a SUTA member to become a mentor?
    • No, to become a mentor, you don't need to be a member. Though, it is still a good idea if you become a member:) Visit this page, if you are not already a member of SUTA.

For Mentees

Can my mentor find me a job? or a supervisor that I can continue my graduate studies with?
    • Mentors try to give you advice and provide you with connections. However, please be mindful that your mentor is likely a busy individual and the actual work has to be done by you.
Can I ask for more than one mentor?
    • Yes, provided that it is for two different types of advice, and we have available mentors. Our prority is to assign at least one mentor to each mentee.
Do I have to pay a fee to enrol in this program?
    • No, this is a free program available to SUTA members. If you are not a SUTA member, we encourage you to become one by visiting this page.

Have questions or Suggestions?

Please reach us at mentorship@suta.org.

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