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SUTA awards started in 2010 with “Dr. Mojtahedi Innovation Award” and “Dr. Amin Lifetime Achievement Award”. In 2012, three other awards were added to the program: “Alumni Achievement Award”, “Alumni Distinguished Service Award”, and “Young Alumni Award”. This year “Staff Appreciation Award” has been also added as another SUTA award. SUTA board of directors is happy to announce the 2014 award winners as follows:

Dr. Reza Mansouri winner of Dr. Amin's Lifetime Achievement Award:

This award is to recognize an individual with outstanding service to the university. SUTA board of directors has selected Dr. Reza Mansouri (PhD, Univ. of Vienna 1972), professor of Physics at SUT as the winner of this award in 2014. His former positions include Assistant Professor at Univ. of Vienna for 5 years and Visiting Professor at McGill Univ. He was Iran’s Deputy Minister of Science during 2001-2005 and has led the Physical Society of Iran as its President; he has been a member of TWAS since 2000; member of TWAS council 2008-2013; member of the GRG society, and a board member up to 2016, and the director of the Iranian National Observatory project.

Dr. Mansouri has had several international scientific collaborations and received multiple honors, including the prestigious Abdus Salam Prize. In addition to writing many specialized scientific papers, Dr. Mansouri has published widely on Iran’s scientific development. Iran's participation in several international scientific collaborations such as SESAME and Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator at CERN in Geneva would have been impossible without Dr. Mansouri’s efforts.

Dr. Mahmoud Tabiani winner of Alumni Achievement Award:

SUTA board of directors has selected Dr. Mahmoud Tabini, professor of electrical engineering as the winner of Alumni Achievement Award in 2014. Dr. Tabiani has been a very successful figure in industry as well as in academia and his contributions benefited Iran and Sharif University.

Mahmoud Tabiani (Ph.D, M.I.T. 1979; B.S. Sharif Univ. of Tech., 1974) is now retired Prof. at SUT, where he had been teaching and doing research in signal processing and optical fiber communication. He had an important role in establishing some private high-tech R&D and manufacturing companies working on telecommunication and energy section. These companies have great share on Iranian cell-phone network development and establishing a wind farm with the aim of production of 100 MVA to 1000 MVA clean energy in Iran.


Mr. Alireza Hamzelou and Mr. Mehdi Hakimpour winners of Distinguished Service Award:

This award is dedicated to recognizing alumni with outstanding service for the university, the association, and the society. After reviewing several nominations, SUTA board of directors have selected Mr. Alireza Hamzelouia and Mr. Manouchehr Hakimpour as the award winners in 2014. Both alumni have been successful in industry and have contributed significantly to Sharif University. They worked hard on raising money to build the alumni association building on SUT campus.

Ms. Afsaneh Tehrani and Mr. Mansour Ajoudani winners of Staff Appreciation Award:

This award is given to current or past staff members, as a token of appreciation of SUTA and its members to those extremely hard working people, who had a large share of what makes the university a great place to be. This includes lab technicians, librarians, administrative people, and alike.

There are two award winners in 2014:

Ms. Afsaneh Tehrani, who has been working as the administrator at the Electrical Engineering department, and Mr. Mansour Ajoudani, who has served as the technician of the electronics lab, for their hard work and dedication to Sharif University, its mandate and its students, and to recognize the huge impact they played in the student life and the standing of the university in general.

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