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SUTA Awards History

SUTA awards is a bi-annual program which was initiated by the 5th Board of Directors in 2010. The original program involved two categories and other categories were added over time.   

Dr. Mojtahedi Innovation Award

This award is dedicated to recognize the best research conducted in every department of Sharif University. It is named after the founder of Sharif University of Technology, Dr. Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi.

The 2010 Dr. Mojtahedi Innovation Award winner

In 2010, four departments participated in the program and the Awards Committee received 17 projects from Electrical Engineering, 8 from Chemical Engineering, 9 from Chemistry, and 12 from Materials Engineering departments. All projects were peer reviewed by a scientific advisory board including Sharif faculty and alumni working in academia or industry worldwide.

In a ceremony held in Sharif University on June 20th, 2010, the winners of 2010 SUTA’s Dr. Mojtahedi Innovation Award were presented (following list). Each winner received a $1,000 cash prize.

 Department  Title  Authors
Electrical Engineering Extraction of Fetal Cardiac Signals from an Array of Maternal Abdominal Recordings
Dr. Reza Sameni
Dr. Mohammad Bagher Shamsolahi
Dr. Christian Jutten (CNRS, France)                                
Chemical Engineering Pilot Plant for Production of Methanol from Natural Gas Dr. Fathollah Farhadi
Dr. Mohammad Shahrokhi
Meysam Bkhshayeshi
Yusef Motamed Hashemi
Zeinab Hosseini Doost
Gholamreza Baghmisheh
Hossein Abedini
Reza Eslamlueian
Chemistry Preparation of Multi-Functional Photo Catalyst With Anti-bacterial Properties Dr. Mohammad Reza Gholami
Dr. Mohammad Reza Elahi Fard
Dr. Sara Rahim Nejad
Saeid Haghighi
Materials Science & Engineering SUTCAST- A Solidification and Mold Filling Simulation Software Dr. Parviz Davami
Dr. Nasser Varahram
Kianush Asgari
Alireza Mazaheri
Yahya Jaferian

2012 and 2014 

In 2012 and 2014, the Board of Directors decided to withhold this award.    

The 2016 Dr. Mojtahedi Innovation Award winners

In 2016 SUTA revived Dr. Mojtahedi Award, and the following teams received the awards:   
 Department  Title  Authors
Mechanical Engineering

Applications of MEMS in biological sciences

Dr. Amir Shamloo
Ms. Sara Salehi                      
Chemical Engineering,
Material Engineering

Construction of polymer careers to transport platelet lysate to be used in the reconstruction of cartilage tissues    

Dr. Mohammad Jafar Abedkhodai
Ms. Elaheh Jooybar 

Civil Engineering

The effects of substrate’s physical properties on cells adhesion

Mr. Aref Samadi-Dooki

Dr. Amin Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is to recognize an individual with outstanding contribution to the university. This award is named after Dr. Mohammad Reza Amin, the third chancellor of Sharif University of Technology (1968-1972). He was a successful academician and industrialist whose services to Sharif University of Technology was instrumental in its astonishing success in training highly qualified engineers and scientists in later decades. Much of the processes and systems of the university is the legacy of Dr. Amin.

The 2010 Dr. Amin Lifetime Achievement Award winner

After several months of deliberation and considering close to 20 very qualified candidates, SUTA’s Board of Directors chose Dr. Siavash Shahshahani, the chairman and a long time professor of the Mathematics department of Sharif University of Technology as the winner of the first Dr. Amin’s Lifetime Achievement Award. His award was presented to him at the 2010 SUTA reunion in Gothenburg, Sweden.


The 2012 Dr. Amin Lifetime Achievement Award winner

In 2012, SUTA’s Board of Directors presented Dr. Amin’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Saeed Sohrabpour, the former and long serving chancellor of Sharif University and a professor of the Mechanical Engineering department.    

The 2014 Dr. Amin Lifetime Achievement Award winner

In 2014, SUTA’s Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Reza Mansouri, professor of Physics at Sharif University of Technology who in addition to his academic services has been pioneering many scientific activities at the national and international levels.


The 2016 Dr. Amin Lifetime Achievement Award winner

In 2016, SUTA’s Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Mohammad Ghodsi, professor of Computer Engineering at Sharif University of Technology for his role in the education of computer sciences and practices in Iran, and particularly at SUT.

Alumni Achievement Award

The Alumni Achievement Award is dedicated to recognize an alumnus with outstanding achievement in industry, academia, or society. 


The 2012 Alumni Achievement Award winner

The first winner of the Alumni Achievement Award was Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor at University of Southern California, for his contributions to the field of automation applications in civil engineering. The award was presented at the 2012 SUTA reunion in Ottawa, Canada. 


The 2014 Alumni Achievement Award winner

The 2014 award winner was Dr. Mahmoud Tabiani, professor of Electrical Engineering in Sharif University of Technology. Dr. Tabiani has been an entrepreneur with important role in founding high-tech and manufacturing companies in the fields of telecommunication and energy.  The award was presented to him at the 2014 SUTA reunion in Milan, Italy.

The 2016 Alumni Achievement Award winner

The 2016 award winner was Mr. Hessam Armandehisuccessful entrepreneur whose company, Cafe Bazaar which he founded in Iran, reached astonishing success. He received his BSc in Computer Science from SUT in 2008 and his MSc from Chalmers University in Sweden in 2012. The award was presented to him at the 2016 SUTA reunion in Washington DC.


Alumni Distinguished Service Award

This award is dedicated to recognize an alumnus with outstanding service to the university, SUTA, or the society. 

The 2012 Alumni Distinguished Service Award winner

The first alumni distinguished service award winner was Dr. Alinaghi Mashayekhi, professor of Sharif University of Technology, for his contributions to alumni association, as well as his relentless efforts in founding the Management department.              

The 2014 Alumni Distinguished Service Award winners

The 2014 award winners were Mr. Alireza Hamzelou and Mr. Mehdi Hakimpour, graduates of Mechanical Engineering department, for their significant contributions to Sharif University including fundraising and financial contributions for the alumni association building on campus. The awards were presented to them during the 2014 SUTA reunion in Milan, Italy. 


The 2016 Distinguished Service Award winners

The 2016 award winners were Mr. Ehsanollah Arzpeyma for his long serving officer role at the university's registrar's office.


Staff Appreciation Award

This award is presented to current or past staff members. It is intended to recognize the hard working people who contributed to the university over the years. This includes lab technicians, librarians, and administrative staff. 


The 2014 Staff Appreciation Award winners

The 2014 award winners were Ms. Afsaneh Tehrani, long serving administrator assistant at the Electrical Engineering department, and Mr. Mansour Ajoudani, lab technician in Electrical Engineering department who has supervised the electronics lab for decades. Ms. Tehrani participated in the 2014 SUTA reunion in Milan, Italy and received her award.

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