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SUTA Awards 2022 (Extended Deadline)

The Awards Committee is honored to announce the 2022 kickoff of the SUTA Awards Program. This bi-annual award program will be held for the sixth time in conjunction with the 2022 SUTA Reunion. These awards will be given in three categories as follows.

1.    Dr. Amin’s Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize a scholar with outstanding contribution to the university. The former recipients of this award are Professor Siavash Shahshahani (2010), Professor Saeed Sohrabpour (2012), Professor Reza Mansouri (2014), Professor Mohammad Ghodsi (2016), professor Firooz Partovi (2018) and Dr Mohammad Durali (2020).

2.    Alumni Achievement Award to recognize an alumnus with outstanding achievement in industry or academia. The former recipients of this award are Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis (2012), Professor Mahmood Tabiani (2014), Mr. Hesam Armandehi (2016), Dr. Mona Jarrahi (2018) and Dr. Adel Ferdosi (2020).

3.    Staff and Alumni Distinguished Service Award to recognize an alumnus or university staff with outstanding service to the university, SUTA, or the society. The former recipients of this award are Professor Alinaghi Mashayekhi (2012), Mr. Alireza Hamzelou, Mr. Mehdi Hakimpour, Ms. Afsaneh Tehrani and Mr. Mansour Ajoudani (2014), Mr. Ehsan Arzpeyma (2016), Mr. Hassan Noorbakhsh (2018) and Ms. Mehrnoush Naderi (2020).

4. We are also announcing the 2022 Dr. Mojtahedi’s Innovation Award (fileto recognize the best research conducted in every department of Sharif University of Technology and the announcement is made separately (application file).

5. Dr. Hojabri’s Award: This award has been established in 2022 by the SUTA board of directors in honor of the late Dr. Fredun Hojabri to recognize a SUTA Member with outstanding service to SUTA.

We are now inviting the membership for nominating appropriate candidates for all of the above categories. The nominations must be submitted electronically by 
May 1st, 2022 to the email address
 awards@suta.org and should include a short biography of the candidate and an explanation to justify the candidacy.

For further information about the awards and their past recipients, interested members are encouraged to visit SUTA website and read Dr. Jalil Kamali’s article in SUTA Newsletter No. 77.


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SUTA Awards & Grant Committee

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