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Regular Members

Regular member (outside Iran) - $25.00 (USD)  .

Regular member (Iran) - $10.00 (USD) 

Student member (outside Iran) - $10.00 (USD) 

Student member (Iran) - $5.00 (USD)  

Eligibility criteria

Persons eligible for membership shall be associated with the Sharif University of Technology’s (SUT) or its predecessor, Aryamehr University of Technology’s (AMUT) departments, and their affiliated education and research centers, on the main or other official campuses, officially recognized by the University, under one of the following conditions: 

  1. be a former student, according to the University’s official organization definition;
  2. be a current graduate student; 
  3. be a current or former faculty member, according to the University’s official organizational chart; or 
  4. be a current or former University’s non-faculty official employee.

 Associate member - $25.00 (USD)  

Eligibility criteria 

  A person who meets all the following criteria and applies to be an Associate member, shall be admitted as such: 

  1. Is currently enrolled as a degree seeking student of the University or has been introduced and presented a written recommendation from at least one the voting Member of the Association;
  2.  Has provided a written statement expressing certain interests and ties with the University; 
  3. Demonstrates a commitment to the Association bylaws, the Association Code of Conduct and the Association Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Statement Policy; 
  4. His/her membership has been approved by the sitting Board of Directors; and has paid his/her membership dues.  
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