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How many classes of membership we have in SUTA and which class can run for the BOD election?

There are three classes of membership in SUTA, namely “Regular Member”, “Affiliate Member”, and “Honorary Members”. Only regular members can run for the election. A regular member is a SUT graduate, a past or present academic and administrative staff of the SUT who has paid their membership fee and accept the charter of the SUTA association.

How can members pay their membership fee?

Members can pay their membership fee online or by direct payment to their chapters. Membership fee and form of payments to the chapter is decided and controlled by the chapters.

Who can vote in SUTA 2021 BOD election?

A SUTA regular member who pays their membership fee and becomes a member in good standing by Feb 14th 2021, can vote.

Who can be nominated in SUTA 2021 BOD election?

A SUTA regular member who pays their membership fee and becomes a member in good standing by Jan 24th 2021, can be nominated.

Is there any concerns related to Iran members due to the US sanctions against Iran? Will that affect the membership and nomination process of our members residing in Iran?

SUTA has no financial relations with the members in Iran. We will continue the membership and nomination process as it was customary for our members residing in Iran, unless the retained attorney advises us otherwise. We will notify the members if there is a new update.

How is the geographic composition of the BOD defined?

SUTA membership is grouped into the geographical territories: USA, Canada, Europe, Iran, and ROW (Rest of the World).
The following rules will be applied to the membership on the Board of Directors of SUTA: 

Only 3 candidates from a single region will be admitted on the Board, if there are candidates from other regions that have received at least 10% of the votes.

What is the composition of the Election Board 2021?

The EB is composed of Mahshid Agir and Mahboob Bolandi (Toronto Chapter) and Mahmood Alemrajabi (Sweden Chapter), aka "Mah^3" ;)

How does the nomination process take place?

According to the Bylaws, regular members [in good standing] could nominate themselves or can be nominated by others. However, if nominated by others the nominee should accept and confirm its acceptance by email. Members have 30 days from today to nominate for the election. No nomination will be accepted after the nomination closing date (Feb 10th 2021).

What is the total period of Election 2021 process?

The Election 2021 process is commencing Monday, Jan 11th, and will end on Sun, Feb 28th 2021.

Will there be a General Members Meeting this year?

According to Article 3: Section 9 of the SUTA bylaws: "..., the Board of Directors shall call meetings of the membership no less than every two years, for purposes of conducting business of the membership, providing education, conducting elections and to fulfill the general purposes of the corporation."

I have questions about the election process. Who should I contact?

If you have any questions, you may communicate with the Election Board via the secure email: SUTA-Election-2021@GoogleGroups.com.

Where the election results will be announced?

The Election Board shall announce the election results on Feb 28th 2021 and post all results in SUTA website. Candidates should have the possibility of verifying the results of the election.

How many candidates we can vote for?

Each member can vote for as many as 7 candidates.

How long is the tenure of elected boards?

Each director shall hold office for two years and until their successors is elected and qualify. No board member shall serve as a director for more than two consecutive terms.

What is the timetable of the election 2021 and important deadlines?

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