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Sharif University of

Kianmehr, Mohammadreza

SUTA Chapter / Country of Residence


SUT Entrance Year


Department at SUT

Electrical Eng.

Current Field of Industry


Short Bio

I was born in Qazvin in 1971. I got a diploma in mathematics and physics from Pasdaran High School in 1989, and was accepted to Sharif University of Technology (rank of 195 in Region 1) in the field of electrical engineering. During my studies, I was part of the university's volleyball team twice winning the country's championship and twice becoming the runner-up. I have been a member of Suta since 2002 and have attended most of the past reunions. I have also had the privilege of serving SUTA's 8th Board as a director. In the past few years, in several occasions I acted as the association's liaison with the University helping with activities such as awards.

Previous Volunteer Experiences

Member of eights board of Suta(2014-2016)

Chairman of the Board of the Qazvin Electrical Engineers Association(2010-2019)

Head of the electrical department of the Qazvin Building Engineering Organization (2015-2018)

Member of the planning committee of Sharif University of Technology Alumni Association (2020- Now)

Deputy of Faculty Committees of Sharif University of Technology Alumni Association (2020- Now)

Statement of Purpose to Join SUTA

Today, Suta needs more than ever to calm down and strengthen friendships and strive to achieve the goals of its founders. On the other hand, I believe that Suta should pay attention to all the families of Sharif University who live all over the world and try to have a special look at the areas that have been neglected in the past. In the meantime, members living in Iran can play a good role.

Gaining experience during my membership and especially in the eighth board has given me the confidence that I can also pay my respects to the university and Suta at this stage.

In a nutshell, my goal as a board member is to serve all Sharif people around the world.

Intended Volunteer Hours per Week

2-5 hrs/ week

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