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Sharif University of

SUTA Reunion 2024

  • August 30, 2024
  • September 01, 2024
  • Niagara Falls, Canada



SUTA Reunion 2024

The registration for the Reunion 2024 is open now.

Join us for an exciting exchange of ideas, knowledge, experience and memories in a warm and friendly environment. This is a unique opportunity to see old friends and make new ones, to expand your network and to learn how to use it in building a successful path in your career.

For details of the Reunion Program please see the Reunion 2024 page.

See you in Niagara Falls, August 30th to September 1st.

SUTA Reunion 2024

The registration for the Reunion 2024 is open now.

Below is the table of registration fees; please note that the deadline for Early-bird registration is May 31, 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. 

General Event with Gala

   Early Bird
(Through May 31)
 Regular Price
(From June 1)
Regular Member & Dependents $250 (USD) $325 (USD)
Student Member & Dependents $175 (USD) $250 (USD)
Non-member Guests $275 (USD) $350 (USD)

Gala-only Event

   Early Bird
(Through May 31)
 Regular Price
(From June 1)
Dependents of Regular Members $100 (USD) $125 (USD)
Dependents of Student Members $100 (USD) $125 (USD)
Non-member Guests $125 (USD) $150 (USD)

Dependents under 12 of age receive 50% discount

To register, please read the instruction below and click on Register button to the left.

Reunion Registration Instructions

All registrations should be conducted by a SUTA member. Each registration produces an invoice with the ticket cost for the member based on their membership (with a lower fee for student members).

If you do not have dependents or guests, please ignore the Dependent and Guest sections and proceed to Next button. 

Note: If registering for yourself only (no dependent or guest), don’t enter any number in the Dependent & Guest Charges and do not use ADD Guest button. The system will issue an invoice for the member only. 

If you do have dependents (spouse and children) or non-dependent guests, complete these two steps:

  1. Choose Appropriate box/charge for their Dependents and Guests, and
  2. Add Guest Information for every dependents/guests.

Dependent and Guest Charges

The registering member should add the number of dependents and guests based on

  • attendees categories: dependent, guest,
  • the functions that they intend to attend (all functions or only Gala dinner), and
  • applicable membership level (regular or student dependent, or non-member guest).

The following image shows the choices for adding dependents and guests: 

The prices shown are Early-bird Prices:

Guest Information

The registering member should use Add Guest button once for each guest to add their information to the ticket.

The total number of dependents and guests entered above should match the number of times Add Guest used to enter their names. 

These information will be used for issuing tickets and generating confirmation letter, which may be used for Visa Applications.

Please make sure that your name and the name of your dependent/guests is the same as what appears on your passport.

Payment and Cancellation


Submitting your registration will produce an Invoice for the members cost and additional charges based on the number and type of dependents/guests entered. If the total number of registrants is not the same as total number of names (member and added dependent/guests) does not match, the invoice will be changed. This may create delays in producing confirmation letter that some may need for Visa applications. 

The preferred method of payment is Credit/Debit Cards. If you would like to use other methods of payments, please contact billing@suta.org.  

Cancellation policy

Paid registrations can be cancelled for a refund of 50% before June 1st.

Registration fees will not be refunded after May 31st except for valid reasons and at Board's discretion.

Visa Invitation Letter

Those members who need to apply for a Visa, may request an invitation letter for paid registrants (the member and dependent guests).

Invitation letters will be issued when the full payment is made and a request is received at reunion2024@suta.org. Please note that issuing the invitation letters may take time.

No invitation letters will be issued for payments received in full after June 15th.

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