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List of Candidates for the Compliance Board (CB) and Election Board (EB)

July 01, 2024 15:00 | Mansour Abdoli (Administrator)

SUTA BoD is pleased to inform you that, so far, the following candidates have registered for the elections of the Compliance Board (CB) and the Election Board (EB):

Candidates of Compliance Board:

  1. Mahboob Bolandi

  2. Ali Mir Salimi

  3. XXXXX XXXXXXX(Candidate Dropped)

  4. XXXXX XXXXXXX(Candidate Dropped)

  5. Mehrdad Sarfaraz

  6. Forouzandeh Tabibi

  7. Bahram Zahir Azami 

  8. Abbas Ameri 

  9. Majid Pahlavan

Candidates of Election Board:

  1. Amin Amid

  2. Davood Navaian

  3. Seyed Moradali Hashemi

  4. Mehrdad Sarfaraz

  5. Majid Pahlavan

All active SUTA members who have been members for more than six months (by the election day) are invited to to declare their candidacy (especially for the Election Board) by filling out this form by the end of the day on Friday, July 5, 2024, Pacific Time.

The participation of members will greatly strengthen the SUTA organization.

Last updated: July 5.

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