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Dr. Olfat Webinar on 5G Technology

September 10, 2020 22:47 | Anonymous


In this talk, we will present the use cases and application motivating the invention of 5G Wireless Technologies, as one of the building blocks of new Industry 4.0 innovation. The concept used in the design and development of 5G technologies 5G have revolutionized the role of wireless technologies in the lives of people. Due to potential diversity of the interest of audiences, the talk will focus on the use cases, applications, and the way 5G is revolutionizing the communication technology more than the technical details of 5G technologies. THe talk will provide a short description of current deployment and device status and potential opportunities around the world (including Middle East countries), and briefly outlines potential future development of the wireless ecosystem.

Dr. Masoud Olfat

Dr. Masoud Olfat has received his B.Sc from Sharif University of Technology in Electrical Engineering, and completed his M.Sc, PhD and post-Doctoral studies in wireless communications in 2003 at University of Maryland at College Park. In addition to few years of work experience in Iran in the field of computer network engineering, his work and research experiences has started with multimedia communications, and WiFi technology, and continued through design and development of 4G technologies such as WiMAX, 3GPP LTE in companies like Nextel, Sprint, Clearwire, and Lightsquared. Since 2015 he has been the Senior Director of Technology development in Federated Wireless focused on 5G design and development, and innovative Spectrum Sharing models in 5G wireless framework.

In addition to being an invited speaker to several conferences, Dr. Olfat has published and presented several research articles in different publications, conferences, and Technology Standard communities. He owns 32 nationally and internationally registered patents and has filed 28 more patents, all in the field of wireless communications. In addition to conducting several 4G and 5G related courses for several industry organizations, he has been an adjunct faculty at University of Maryland, while conducting several student research and Master projects.

Dr. Olfat has also been engaged in numerous social activities. He has been SUTA board of director twice, President of SUTA's 8th board of directors (2015-2016), has founded SUTA chapter in Washingtin DC, and has been board member and president of SUTA Chapter in Washington DC.

Click https://zoom.us/j/91494601077 to start or join this scheduled Zoom meeting on September 26, at 11 AM.

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