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SUTA Toronto Chapter Special Event: Talk on "3 degrees: A discussion on climate change" by Lee Norton

  • June 27, 2013
  • 18:30 - 21:15
  • Room 1130, 40 St. George St., University of Toronto
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SUTA Toronto Chapter presents:

3 degrees: A discussion on climate change

by Mr. Lee Norton

June 27, 2013


Room 1130 (ground floor)

40 St. George Street, Bahen Centre,

University of Toronto


We are almost at the point where nature will take over. James Hansen claims that if we warm our atmosphere to 3 degrees above pre-industrial times, it will guarantee disaster as we will have hit a tipping point where the frozen methane hydrates will come out of the permafrost and the now cold ocean depths at a rate that will exceed our present fossil fuel emissions. Methane is about 30 times stronger than CO2. There is more methane stored than coal and oil put together. It will take the world past 6 degrees above our pre-industrial average. Now, 6 degrees is now believed to be the temperature the world was in the Permian Extinction that killed 95% of all life. Sediments indicate that the world was anoxic after this extinction and it took millions of years for life to come back. Dinosaurs, which came next, inhabited our planet for about 165 million years; modern man to date is listed at 165 thousand years. The Pliocine period had CO2 at 390 ppm & temperature at 3 degrees.

For a more detailed abstract on this talk please click here.

Speaker Biography:

Lee Norton was initially trained by Al Gore and is a certified speaker for the Climate Project - Canada. He has presented to numerous local schools, colleges (Niagara & Mohawk) and universities (Brock & McMaster) as well as conferences (IAPA, Eco-Fest, Green Building Festival of Toronto, Wine Council of Ontario), local cities (Hamilton, Pelham), engineering associations (ASHRAE) and workplace seminars (The Mitchell Partnership, Johnson Controls, Aquatech, Inniskillen) among others. Lee keeps pace with the accelerated developments in climate change and he presents an up-to-date review of where we stand. His presentation, “3-Degrees” is continually being updated as new information is published.
Lee is a professional engineer specializing in mechanical services for commercial buildings and he is a writer and editorial advisor for Canadian Consulting Engineer Magazine. Lee continues to make presentations across Ontario, discussing climate change impacts and how individuals in their homes, businesses and communities can take the actions necessary to reduce their environmental impact and urge others to action.

Tentative Schedule
6:30   Doors open
6:45   Talk
7:45   Q&A
8:00   Networking 

Registration and fees
The event is free, with registration prior to June 20, 2013
Late registrations would be charged $10

Room 1130 (ground floor)
40 St. George Street, Bahen Centre,
University of Toronto

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