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Urgent Plea to All Universities and Academic Institutions Around the World

October 03, 2022 00:18 | Mahboob Bolandi (Administrator)

Dear Fellow Academics:

In the past several days, students in universities across Iran have been on strike while gathering in their universities to protest in solidarity with the recent Iranian people uprising against the Islamic Republic.  In response, the Islamic regime has surrounded the universities and used its security forces to beat and arrest the students. The violence against student protests has been particularly brutal in Sharif University of Technology.  At the time of writing this letter, students are sending SOS messages to outside world asking for help. We are extremely concerned about the imminent danger to students lives in the universities if the international community doesn’t intervene. 

Hereby, we respectfully urge your institution to strongly condemn the Iranian regime’s use of violence against student protests, and demand security forces to leave the universities and release all arrested students.

With Regards,

Sharif University of Technology Association


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