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  • October 23, 2013 01:08 | Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)
    Milan, Italy has been selected as the host city for the 2014 SUTA Reunion.

    Further information, on the date of the reunion, registration procedure, program, etc. would be gradually communicated with our members.

    مایلیم به اطلاع برسانیم که از بین چهار شهر استانبول، مونترال، میلان و واشنگتن، شهر میلان در ایتالیا برای برگزاری هشتمین گردهمایی سراسری سوتا انتخاب و معرفی گردید.
  • October 21, 2013 03:42 | Anonymous
    SUTA Italy chapter was establishe in October 2013. For more information visit their page: 
  • October 05, 2013 17:18 | Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)
    1. The deadline for nominating cities is now passed and we are pleased to report that four proposals have been received for candidate cities for SUTA Reunion 2014: 
      1. Milan, Italy 
      2. Montreal, Canada
      3. Istanbul, Turkey (conditional)
      4. Washington DC, USA (conditional)
    2. The Reunion Committee and the BoD will review the proposals and communicate with candidate groups to evaluate each criterion. BoD shall finalize a decision after their next meeting by end of this month.

  • September 25, 2013 11:03 | Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)

    Dr. Fredun Hojabri, the former professor and former vice president of SUT, was in Toronto on Friday September 20th to present his new book, “Upon Water and Fire”. Dr. Hojabri has been the founder and the first president of SUTA and currently serves as the Senior Adviser of the Board of Directors of SUTA. During his short visit, the Toronto Chapter hosted an event that was held at the Council Chamber at North York Civic Center starting at 7:00 pm. The event which was aimed at the Iranian community received a great turnout and attracted more than 60 members, affiliates, and friends.

    The session was started by Ms. Firoozeh Abassian, and then Dr. Hojabri was introduced by Ms. Mahshid Agir, and was thereafter invited to give his presentation which lasted for one hour, followed by a 45 minute period of Q&A by the audience. He began his speech by thanking his editor Dr. Goel Cohen and his wife, Hedy, for her support and encouragement throughout. He then talked in more detail about excerpts from his book. The speech mainly revolved around Dr. Hojabri’s life in Abadan during the nationalization of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, the student life in Munich, and the start of an academic career in Iran.

    “Upon Water and Fire” is an autobiography that spans a personal and professional life, taking a deep and personal look at Dr. Hojabri’s life throughout historic, academic and social events. Although the book is first and foremost a memoire focusing mostly on personal experiences and observations, it also provides a historic analysis of some of the events leading up to the nationalization of Iran’s oil industry, along with a brief history of the Sharif University of Technology and the transformation of the student movement in the span of 3 decades.

    At the end of the presentation, Dr. Hojabri was presented with a gift as a token of appreciation, and many SUTA members - who had indicated a strong interest in spending more time with Dr. Hojabri - had the opportunity to attend a group dinner at one of the restaurants on Yonge Street.


  • September 23, 2013 23:47 | Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)
    The call for hosting the 2014 reunion has been submitted several weeks ago and the deadline for accepting the nominations is close (September 28, 2013).

    So far the BoD has received only one firm nomination, which is from Milano, Italy. Several other cities around the globe have been nominated verbally, without a formal nomination.

    Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about the process, requirement, or just want to formally nominate a city.
    1. September 11, 2013 11:22 | Deleted user
      This issue of the SUTA Newsletter can be accesses through the following link:
    2. July 30, 2013 10:23 | Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)
      It was last year in July that the SUTA family got together in Ottawa, and celebrated all its achievements. We were also honored to have the 2012 Reunion held jointly with Shiraz University Association (SUA). In this short report I would like first to thank all people who were involved in our 2012 Reunion in Ottawa, as guests, speakers, organizers or volunteers, weather they were SUTA, or SUA affiliate, or none. It was a great pleasure to be with you!

      Now, one year has passed and the Reunion Committee has started the planning for the 2014 reunion; you will soon receive a survey on what you like to see in the 2014, and most importantly members would be asked where they want it to be held. A call for nomination to all chapters would also follow, so that we can select the city where to hold the 2014 reunion. The biannual reunions have been a unique tradition in SUTA, and to many, the pinnacle of our activities.

      That being said, it is not the only SUTA activity: we have several active chapters all around the world. Some have weekly, some monthly, some bimonthly, and some quarterly events. We believe in the importance of the chapters, as they are close to where our members are. The Chapters Committee has worked hard in stimulating the dormant chapters, and I am pleased to report that within the past few months, a new chapter in Washington DC has been established, and we are about to establish a new one in Montreal.

      Our Awards Committee, Membership Committee, and Bylaws Review Committee are also active now and you will soon hear from them. Our Communications Committee has already published its first newsletter in a new format, and with excellent contents, and a call for articles for the 2nd newsletter has been made already.

      To make it short, SUTA is active, and wants you, its members, to feel that we are a community and that we can achieve great targets, if we work together.

      Thank you for being a member (or for becoming a member, if you are not already)!

      Bahram Zahir

      SUTA president
    3. July 30, 2013 09:49 | Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)
      Sponsored by Mohandes and Tirgan, and supported by SUTA and Fanni-Ontario, a talk has been given by Dr. Firooz Naderi, on "Are we Alone" at the University of Toronto, on July 20, 2013.


      The talk has gathered many people (about 400), from different ethnic backgrounds, various ages and field of studies, and was a huge success for the organizers. The presence of several dignitaries, such as Ms. Anoosheh Ansari, the first Iranian who has traveled to the outer space was one of the highlights of the event.

      SUTA wishes to thank its partners, Mohandes, Tirgan, and Fanni-Ontario for making this great event to happen, and to show that by collaborating with each other, we can move larger rocks!
    4. June 19, 2013 04:18 | Anonymous
      سعدیا مرد نکو نام نمیرد هرگز      مرده آن است که نامش به نکویی نبرند

      امیر هوشنگ هاشمی در سال 1339 متولد شد و در سال 1358 با رتبه شاگرد اولی از دبیرستان البرز دیپلم گرفت، و در همان سال رتبه سوم کنکور سراسری را اخذ کرد، رتبه ای که برای برخی دوستانش عجیب بود که چرا نفر اول ایران نشد؟او رشته مهندسی برق در دانشگاه صنعتی شریف را انتخاب کرد و بعد از انقلاب فرهنگی گرایش الکترونیک را برگزید. هوشنگ در تمامی مدت تحصیل اش یکی از  دانشجویان ممتاز رشته خود بود و نهایتأ هم زودتر از سایر همدوره هایش دوره لیسانس  را در سال 1364 به اتمام رساند. بسیاری از استادانش از او برای دستیاری در پروژه ها و کلاسهای خود کمک می گرفتند. از آن میان می توان از دکتر محمود نحوی، دکتر شاهرخ شیبانی و دکتر زین العابدین نوابی که استاد راهنمایش بود نام برد. او در رشته های ورزشی شنا، فوتبال، اسکی و والیبال هم فعال و موفق بود و مدتی در پست هافبک راست تیم فوتبال دانشکده برق بازی می کرد. هوشنگ در آزمون ورودی کارشناسی ارشد رتبه اول را اخد کرد ولی در گزینش مردود شد. او بلافاصله به خدمت سربازی در نیروی زمینی ارتش رفت وپس از آن در شرکت خواهر شرکت زیمنس در تهران به نام شرکت داده سیستمهای ایران به عنوان مدیر سخت افزار استخدام شد.  او نقش ویژه ای در نصب و راه اندازی کامپیوترهای مین فریم زیمنس در صنایع بزرگ ایران مانند فولاد مبارکه و مس سرچشمه داشت.  فعالیتهای اوهمزمان در شرکت دیگری به نام جنرکس که توسط موسسان شرکت داده سیستمها تاسیس شده بود ادامه یافت. در جنرکس او به مدیریت پروژه های ماشینهای سی ان سی و همچنین پروژه ایجاد نسخه فارسی ویندوز پرداخت. در طول همین سالها او با همسر خود گلاره در شرکت زیمنس آشنا شد و با او ازدواج کرد

      در سال 1370، هوشنگ برای ادامه تحصیل راهی شهر بوستون آمریکا شد. پایان نامه دکترای هوشنگ در مورد روش ابداعی او برای بهینه کردن استفاده از سیستم حافظه کامپیوتر نوشته شده است. او در سال 1375 موفق به اخد دکترای خود از دانشگاه نورث ایسترن شد.  علاقه شغلی او پس از دوره دکترا معطوف کاربردهای مالی علوم کامپیوتر و استفاده آن در درپیش بینی عملکرد بازار بورس و کنترل امنیت شبکه های کامپیوتری موسسات مالی شد و در این راستا مسئولیتهای متعدد در چند شرکت بزرگ از جمله معاونت مدیر عامل شرکت معظم فیدلیتی را عهده دار بود.

      او به زندگی در شهر بوستون ادامه داد و صاحب دو دختر به نامهای یاسمین و نیکا شد که در حال حاضر مشغول تحصیلات دبیرستان خود در آمریکا می باشند.  هوشنگ در سال 1390 به بیماری بسیار نادر سرطان غدد ترشحی  که از یکی از غدد بزاقی او شروع شده بود مبتلا شد. او با اراده محکم که یکی از خصوصیات همیشگی او بود تا لحظه آخر با این بیماری جنگید و امید به پیروزی بر آن را برای خود و خانواده اش زنده نگهداشت.  تحقیقات او در مورد این بیماری به طرزی بود که دانش او در مورد آن بسیار بیشتر از بعضی پزشکان معالج او شده بود. هوشنگ در یکی از روزهای پایانی اردیبهشت 1392 در اثر این بیماری دنیا را بدرود گفت.

       خوشرویی، مهربانی، کمک بی شائبه به دوستان و جدیت در کارها ویژگیهایی هستند که هوشنگ بین دوستان و اطرافیانش به آنها معروف بود، البته همه اینها پس از استعداد شایان تحصیلی و هوش و درایت فوق العاده او میباشد. به گفته یکی از نزدیک ترین دوستانش او فوق العاده بود مثل یک جواهر، که بدور از جاه طلبی و صرفأ با پشتکار و استعدادهای شگرفش، در هر عرصه ای بر دیگران پیشی می گرفت.

       روحش شاد و یادش گرامی باد.

       گردهمایی فارغ التحصیلان دبیرستان البرز - دوره 58

    5. May 12, 2013 08:45 | Bahram ZahirAzami (Administrator)
      SUTA Newsletter #71 is now available.
      You can also access the simple PDF version here.

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