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  • January 07, 2021 09:41 | Shariar Makarechi

    اعضای انجمن سوتا بشرح زیر با صرف وقت داوطلبانه در سال جاری در برنامه های انجمن سوتا همفکری و همکاری کردند.  بدینوسیله از همه این عزیزان تشکر و قدردانی می کنیم. دوستان چنانکه علاقمند به همکاری در برنامه های انجمن سوتا هستید لطفا با آدرس info@suta.org با ما تماس بگیرید

    فرخ ملیحی-  رییس هیات مدیره انجمن سوتا

    (فریبا آریا (تدوین برنامه راهبردی سوتا - تدوین آیین نامه ها - خبرنامه)

    (سیمین ابن سجاد (برنامه های انجمن سوتا در تهران

    (مهشید آژیر (تدوین برنامه راهبردی سوتا - تدوین آیین نامه ها - بورد انتخابات

    (بابک اسگویی (برنامه شعرخوانی سوتا

    (مسعود الفت (سخنران وبینار تخصصی سوتا - خبرنامه

    (الهه انسانی ( سخنران وبینار تخصصی سوتا – کمیته جوایز سوتا

    (محبوب بلندی (بورد انتخابات – خبرنامه سوتا

    (هومن بدایتی (شاخه محلی سیاتل – خبرنامه سوتا

    (کیوان حجری (ادمین گروه تلگرام سوتا

    (علیرضا حمزه لویی (مدیریت جلسه اعضای سوتا

    (بهرخ خوشنویس (سخنران وبینار تخصصی سوتا

    (احمد تفقدی (برنامه های انجمن سوتا در تهران

    (مجید ذولفقاری (شاخه محلی سوید – خبرنامه سوتا

    (فرزین رادکانی (ادمین گروه تلگرام سوتا

    (مهرداد زنگنه حبیبی (ادمین گروه تلگرام سوتا

    (مهرداد سرفراز (شاخه محلی واشنگتن

    (نیلوفر شاداب (تدوین برنامه راهبردی سوتا

    (زاهد شیخ الاسلامی (تدوین آیین نامه ها - سخنران گروه تلگرام – خبرنامه سوتا

    (فیروزه عباسیان (شاخه محلی تورنتو- تدوین آیین نامه ها- مدیریت جلسه اعضا

    (محمود عالم رجبی (بورد انتخابات

    (مژگان علیون (ادمین گروه تلگرام سوتا

    (شایان قطبی (خبرنامه سوتا - آمار گروه تلگرام سوتا

    (ندا صالحی راد (تدوین آیین نامه ها

    (بهرام ظهیر اعظمی (کمیته جوایز سوتا - تدوین آیین نامه ها – خبرنامه سوتا

    (فروزنده طبیبی (ادمین گروه تلگرام سوتا

    (بهنام کامرانی (تدوین برنامه راهبردی

    (جلیل کمالی (کمیته جوایز سوتا - تدوین آیین نامه ها – خبرنامه سوتا

    (سهیلا کمال (خبرنامه سوتا

    (رضا کیانمهر (برنامه جوایز سوتا در تهران

    (فرخ محمدی (سخنران وبینار تخصصی سوتا – خبرنامه سوتا

    (نجم الدین مشکوتی (خبرنامه سوتا

    (نگار متوریان (تدوین برنامه راهبردی

    (داود نواییان (شاخه محلی سوید

    (فریماه وهابزاده (شاخه محلی کالیفرنیا

  • December 23, 2020 13:31 | Shariar Makarechi

    Dear SUTA Members

    The following is a summary progress report for SUTA Board of Directors during 2019-2020

    - Board held twenty monthly meetings during 2019 and 2020 for planning, decision making, organization and coordination of ongoing projects, and approvals of board decisions. Minutes of these reports are available for all members on SUTA website  www.suta.org.

    - Registration of SUTA as a non-profit organization in the state of California was renewed.

    - With assistance from our accountant Federal and State taxes for 2018 and 2019 were paid and past due taxes were taken care of. We are now current with all Federal and State taxes.

    - Over $6000 was raised from donations provided by SUTA members in the US.

    - Quarterly Financial Reports were prepared. These reports are available for members on SUTA website www.suta.org

    - Membership increased by 40% during 2019-2020 period.

    - Board coordinated the start of a new SUTA chapter in Germany and re-start of activities for Vancouver and Northern California Chapters. Other active chapters include Toronto, Sweden, Washington DC and Seattle.

    - A virtual ceremony was held on Zoom for celebration of 20th Anniversary of SUTA for SUTA members, and SUT alumni and faculty.  This program is available on YouTube.

    - SUTA Awards ceremony was held in October to recognize notable alumni, faculty and staff of our university. Awards Committee include: Dr. Jalil Kamali, Dr. Bahram Zahir, Dr. Elahe Enssani, and Farrokh Malihi.

    - A new project was initiated to support graduate students with financial aid and travel expenses to attend professional and scientific meetings.

    - A proposal by Dr. Fariba Aria former SUTA president and her team for future programs of SUTA was submitted and approved by the board. This proposal included ideas and programs for mentorship to help younger members.

    - Documents for operating procedures for SUTA elections and roles and responsibilities of board executives was prepared by SUTA advisers and sent to the Election Board.

    - Educational programs including five webinars were held on Zoom during 2020. Guest speakers include: Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis (CEO, Contour Crafting Corp., Professor USC, Dr. Farrokh Mohamadi, CEO Tialinx Ltd, Dr. Elahe Enssani, Professor California State University, and Dr. Masoud Olfat (Director, Federated Wireless Co.).  Our Final speaker of this year was Dr. Mehdi Zarghamee, Sr. Principal SGH Inc., and former Chancellor of Sharif University (SUT).  These presentations were attended by many SUTA members, SUT faculty and alumni and are available on YouTube.

    - Three quarterly Newsletters were published which cover news and events from our board, SUTA chapters and articles of interest to our members

    - SUTA website www.suta.org was improved and new sections were added to include educational programs and webinars, SUTA Awards, and introduction of notable SUT alumni

    - SUTA presence was expanded in professional and social media. SUTA Linkedin group currently has over 2400 members and is dedicated to news and events from SUTA and Sharif University and sharing of informative articles and videos.  Currently two Telegram groups (SUTA Telegram Network, and SUTA members) are approved and are active providing a forum to connect over 1100 SUTA members and Sharif University alumni worldwide.

    - Planning and coordination of elections for the upcoming SUTA board was completed in December 2020.

    Best regards,

    Farrokh Malihi, President SUTA Board of Directors

    December 2020

  • December 06, 2020 12:19 | Shariar Makarechi

    Join Zoom Meeting:


  • November 11, 2020 08:41 | Shariar Makarechi

  • November 11, 2020 08:35 | Shariar Makarechi

    Developing Science and Technology in Iran

    By Mehdi Zarghamee

    In early 1970s, Iran had just started industrialization, but the desire to develop true science and technology in Iran was a dream of the many members of the faculty of our university of other universities in Iran. My talk will cover a brief historic presentation of conditions that prevailed in Iran during sixties and seventies, the mandate set in the founding of our university. I will describe our thoughts about how we thought we could realize this dream. The challenge was how to inculcate in the minds of our young faculty a sense for scientific culture and technological innovation, which had become deep rooted in the West and had advanced their societies and was totally unknown in Iran. What was done and where we succeeded to realize part of this dream and where we failed, what changed in the following decades, and finally what does the future hold for the younger generation of Iranian scientists and engineers.

    Click https://zoom.us/j/96769388862 to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting.

  • October 28, 2020 16:25 | Shariar Makarechi

    تشکر و قدردانی از همکاران انجمن سوتا
    دوستان زیر با صرف وقت داوطلبانه در سال جاری در برنامه های انجمن سوتا همفکری و همکاری کردند.  بدینوسیله از همه این عزیزان تشکر و قدردانی می کنیم. دوستان چنانکه علاقمند به همکاری در برنامه های انجمن سوتا هستید لطفا با آدرس info@suta.org با ما تماس بگیرید
    هیات مدیره انجمن سوتا

    فریبا آریا

    مهشید آژیر
    سیمین ابن سجاد
    مسعود الفت
    الهه انسانی
    بهرخ خوشنویس
    احمد تفقدیان
    مجید ذولفقاری
    فرزین رادکانی
    نیلوفر شاداب
    زاهد شیخ الاسلامی

    ندا صالحی راد
    بهرام ظهیر اعظمی
    مژگان علیون
    فروزنده طبیبی
    بهنام کامرانی
    جلیل کمالی
    سهیلا کمال
    فرخ محمدی
    نجم الدین مشکوتی
    نگار متوریان

    تشکر و قدردانی از حامیان انجمن سوتا
    دوستان زیر در سال جاری با حمایت مالی خود در برنامه های انجمن سوتا مشارکت کردند.  بدینوسیله از همه این عزیزان تشکر و قدردانی می کنیم.  دوستان چنانکه علاقمند به حمایت مالی از برنامه های انجمن سوتا هستید لطفا با آدرس info@suta.org با ما تماس بگیرید.  شما میتوانید از طریق وبسایت سوتا www.suta,org نیز مستقیما حمایت مالی خود را ارسال نمایید.
    هیات مدیره انجمن سوتا

    علی احراری
    الهه انسانی
    محمد اکبر
    بهرخ خوشنویس

    بابک پرویز

    منصور کرامت

    شهرام تفضلی

    شهریار مکارچی
    جلیل کمالی
    فریدون هژبری

    فرخ ملیحی 

    رئیس هیئت مدیرۀ بورد دهم سوتا

  • September 10, 2020 22:47 | Shariar Makarechi


    In this talk, we will present the use cases and application motivating the invention of 5G Wireless Technologies, as one of the building blocks of new Industry 4.0 innovation. The concept used in the design and development of 5G technologies 5G have revolutionized the role of wireless technologies in the lives of people. Due to potential diversity of the interest of audiences, the talk will focus on the use cases, applications, and the way 5G is revolutionizing the communication technology more than the technical details of 5G technologies. THe talk will provide a short description of current deployment and device status and potential opportunities around the world (including Middle East countries), and briefly outlines potential future development of the wireless ecosystem.

    Dr. Masoud Olfat

    Dr. Masoud Olfat has received his B.Sc from Sharif University of Technology in Electrical Engineering, and completed his M.Sc, PhD and post-Doctoral studies in wireless communications in 2003 at University of Maryland at College Park. In addition to few years of work experience in Iran in the field of computer network engineering, his work and research experiences has started with multimedia communications, and WiFi technology, and continued through design and development of 4G technologies such as WiMAX, 3GPP LTE in companies like Nextel, Sprint, Clearwire, and Lightsquared. Since 2015 he has been the Senior Director of Technology development in Federated Wireless focused on 5G design and development, and innovative Spectrum Sharing models in 5G wireless framework.

    In addition to being an invited speaker to several conferences, Dr. Olfat has published and presented several research articles in different publications, conferences, and Technology Standard communities. He owns 32 nationally and internationally registered patents and has filed 28 more patents, all in the field of wireless communications. In addition to conducting several 4G and 5G related courses for several industry organizations, he has been an adjunct faculty at University of Maryland, while conducting several student research and Master projects.

    Dr. Olfat has also been engaged in numerous social activities. He has been SUTA board of director twice, President of SUTA's 8th board of directors (2015-2016), has founded SUTA chapter in Washingtin DC, and has been board member and president of SUTA Chapter in Washington DC.

    Click https://zoom.us/j/91494601077 to start or join this scheduled Zoom meeting on September 26, at 11 AM.

  • September 08, 2020 22:22 | Shariar Makarechi

    2020 SUTA Awards WInners

    Sharif University of Technology (SUTA) hereby announces the recipients of SUTA awards 2020. As usual, there were many qualified candidates in each category making it hard for the Awards Committee to select the winners.

    Dr. Amin’s Lifetime Achievement Award

    Professor Mohammad Durali, the long serving professor of Mechanical Engineering Department of our university, is the winner of this year’s Dr. Amin’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Durali (himself a Sharif graduate) has been a Professor in Sharif since his graduation from MIT in 1980. His major research activities have been in system design, industrial control, system dynamics, turbomachinery, and propulsion. Throughout the years, he has developed strong industrial relationship and most of his projects are funded by major industries. His projects cover a long list of accomplishments with applications in diverse fields ranging from robotics to power plants. For nearly 40 years, Dr. Durali has been a source of knowledge and inspiration to Sharif students both on campus and also in his own company (Durali Design and Automation).

    Following its decade long tradition, it is SUTA’s privilege to recognize professor Durali as yet another brilliant and hardworking member of Sharif family whose steady contributions to students, university, and industry span four decades.

    Alumni Achievement Award

    With a list full of qualified alumni, it has been a tremendously difficult task to choose only one winner. This year, SUTA selected Dr. Adel Ferdosipour, the anchorman of the popular TV program ‘Navad’ and a lecturer at the Industrial Engineering Department of our university, as the winner of this year’s Alumni Achievement Award. Dr. Ferdosipour received his BS and MS in industrial engineering from Sharif in 1997 and 1999 and later obtained his PhD in media management from Tehran University.

    In his brilliant career as a TV producer and anchorman, he has exhibited utmost professionalism, intelligence, charisma, and a solid uncompromising character which turned him into one of the most popular TV personalities of the country. In many occasions, he attributed his success partially to the education he received in Sharif. Dr. Ferdosipour is a perfect example of how the world class educational system of our university combined with the personal enthusiasm and interest can lead to success stories beyond the technical fields contributing to the well-being of the society in alternative ways.

    Distinguished Service Award

    Ms. Mehrnoush Naderi, a lab manager in chemistry department of our university, is the winner of this year’s Distinguished Service Award. A graduate of Sharif (both BS and MS), she has been a lab manager for over 30 years serving generations of Sharif students. In addition, she has been an active member of the Board of Trustees of the alumni association organizing many homecoming events for Sharif graduates.

  • August 14, 2020 11:20 | Shariar Makarechi

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  • August 04, 2020 20:32 | Shariar Makarechi


    This program is intended to help Sharif University alumni currently pursuing their post graduate studies in universities in North America and Europe Continents. The program will provide student grants for travel expenses and for scientific research.  

    Sharif University of Technology Association (SUTA) is associated with some of the world’s top universities by its members who continue their graduate studies abroad following graduation from Sharif Universities. These talented students are attracted by some of the best universities in North America and Europe due to the quality of their undergraduate studies at Sharif university. Such flow of talented students play an important role in spreading knowledge, ideas and skills not only within Sharif University but in society in general. SUTA aspires to help these students by offering the Student Grant Program. A well-funded, long term scholarship program will provide partial support to facilitate students’ education and research.

    Who Qualifies for the Student Grants

    Applicants must be a SUTA member, and currently enrolled in graduate studies and research (Masters, PhD) in an accredited university in North America and Europe.

    How to Apply for Student Grant

    Applicants must fill out the attached Application Form (https://bit.ly/2PjAhCU ) and submit along with a CV, A Personal Statement, and an approximate budget based on their expenses. The documents should be sent to info@suta.org.  

    More information in Appendix 1.


    Level of Financial Assistance

    Level of financial assistance may vary based on students’ qualifications and their need. Scholarships are provided up to $1500 for each student.

    Deadline for Sending Application for 2020 Student Grant

    Deadline for submission of application for the 2020 student grants is December 31, 2020

    How SUTA Members & Associates can Support this Program

    SUTA, like most other non-profit organizations, can sustain and improve its activities through the generous donations of its members and its benefactors. Since its inception in 2000, SUTA has been supported by many individuals who believe in SUTA and in its mission and ideals. Hereby, we would like to invite our members to consider supporting the Student Grant Program (please see the file in Appendix 2). Thank you for your continued support.

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